The Search For Gino Green

Published: 21st March 2009
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Gino Green Global, one of the many clothes I've seen so far that made me wonder "what are the guys thinking when they decided to design the brand with those? And I don't even know if those are 9s or small Gs skewed to look more like 9s!"

Well, like any other hopefuls out there that has been itching to know what those are, I've chosen to look for some light from the internet to shed some of it on a question that any from the urban community has been asking for "Are those 9s or Gs?".

gino green global is an urban clothing line founded by Prince Mayol in 1999. Prince Mayol has had a lifelong passion for vibrant colors, fashionable designs, and artistic graphic arts. Inspired by the thought of combing all of those elements in one piece, Prince has decided to create a clothing line popularly known today as the gino green global. Along with his brother Anthony Mayol and business partner Norman Wells, the gino green global became a reality.

Prince and the others thought on how to make the gino green global stand out from any other clothing line, and with this Prince have designed the g's in the gino green global to look intentionally like 9's. And sure enough, the gino green global got its attention, especially to those trend setting and style conscious people.

By launching the "G" look, intentionally designed to resemble the number 9, Gino Green Global quickly began to get the attention of the style conscious and trend setting NYC fashion crowd.

The gino green global clothing line got popular because of its many endorsements from the famous and the popular such as Papoose, Kay Slay, 50 cents, Denzel Washington, Mike Jones, Lil Scrappy, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Big Tigger, Terrance and Rocsi of 106 and park, Ed Lover, Lance Feurtado. The brand also got popularized because of its many appearances at local basketball tournaments, to the sizzling NYC night life and party scene.

Gino Green Global, the global minded, culture and urban influenced clothing company has incorporated a fresh new logo consisting of three interlocking capital G's with wings to resemble the brands development and taking flight to a global echelon. We design for those who do not stand still but live and love life as leaders for others to follow.

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