The Original Miskeen

Published: 30th June 2009
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Designs are what makes a clothing line unique. There are many kinds of clothing lines today that gained popularity because of the designs they possess. One particular clothing line that made this term "Unique" its foundation is the miskeen originals. The miskeen originals collections are the kind of clothing lines that made it into the market because of its unique designs rarely found on other clothing brands. This is because the miskeen originals is the only kind of clothing line that speaks a person's individuality through the unique use of vibrant colors and artful designs unique to miskeen originals. So where did this unique clothing line first came to be?

The first of all miskeen originals was first spotted on the streets of west-Philadelphia by the hands of a dynamic artist who expressed his pain, love, and passion, through every artwork his made. This kind of uniqueness caught the attention of the fashion-forward and trend setting people who sported the clothing line immediately. The word spread quickly through every community, particularly with the urban and hip-hop community that soon demanded more designs and clothes. The clothing line also took the attention of retailer Dr. Denim of whom respected and loved art in every garment.

In just one weekend, all 200 miskeen originals was sold out. This marked the first success of miskeen in the fashion industry. Soon after, its popularity grew larger and larger that additional artists were needed. By selecting only the talented hands in art and fashion, the miskeen grew into a team of young multi-talented artists ready to impart their talents for sake of artistry. And because of its success and internal growth, the miskeen team have relocated to accommodate their numbers and their clothings. Today, the mizkeen originals headquarters is now situated in a state-of-the-art fashion studio Camden NJ, where every garment becomes a masterpiece in the hands of a miskeen artist.

One reason why miskeen became popular is its uniqueness. Unlike other clothing brands, miskeen originals are known to be unique from each other. No two items are alike. Each are made to offer the wearer a sense of uniqueness and individuality in the growing urban community. Through this, the miskeen team offered innovative blend of colorful paint, pop-art, and fashion to the community. Combining both experience and talents of every artist, the miskeen team ensures the creation of the freshest art on a daily basis.

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